The Joint, Brixton Village

If you have never heard of that popular Brixton barbecue place, you’ve probably just moved to London, or you’ve been living under the rock with no wi-fi connection (which is comparably uneasy nowadays).


According to a mighty Internet of Things, The Joint is known for being one of the best spots for pulled pork in Southern London (and above, but this was not checked thoroughly, but good old net swears it on the bible). Scanning their menu is not something you’ll spend a lot of your precious time on – it’s basically BBQ/Asian BBQ pulled pork or shredded/fried chicken in rolls or wraps, ribs and wings, mac’n’cheese,  some other nibbles and bites, plus sides and add-ons for gourmet eaters (that we all are).


You all remember that I’m the defender of fitness and health (Healthy Food Blogger), right?.. Imagine: what a challenge – I was voluntarily throwing myself into this boiling pot of carbs and fat in order to challenge them and myself, of course. If you’re not familiar with the things I do, this is the concept of my Youtube Channel “Such Healthy Stuff” – looking around for everything healthy and bearable anywhere – ANY-freaking-WHERE. So let it be The Joint, I thought.. You’re not choosing the spots for bloggers event after all 🙂 And that was that kind of day – I got invited to do my typical influencer things by my friends from Adwaiz social media agency.

As soon as I set my foot into the Brixton Village I could guess by the smells what to expect.. Delicious badass oh-so-yum comfort foods. Full stop. That is where my Healthy Blogger career will be buried I though at first. But still I was brave enough to get to the destination and ask for the menu.. Barbecue ribs, mac’n’cheese, chili wings.. vegan bun with grilled veggies.. sweet potato chips..Wait, WHAT? Jesus heard my prayers? Is it for realz? I’m not reading further – I’m basically saved!


You may see what to expect from a vegan burger at The Joint just above. Grilled vegetables, mashed avocado, lettuce, diced fresh tomato and onion – total yum and salvation for random barbecue place visitors I am! Expect mayo and ketchup to come though. I didn’t know they were intending to add the sauces in, so I barely touched anything hidden under the lettuce as It was basically all drained in mayo. Ketchup is bearable, but still, too much for me.


These yellow buns tho will be given the whole passage. Apart from that distinctive yellow colour, they have a really strange aftertaste.. I made my own investigation and found out that the buns were infused with vanilla and figs. That must have produced a wow-effect, I suppose. But I’d rather out it like this: No comments. I like new and uncommon flavour combos, but please.. Leave it for Michelin-starred chefs or self-taught enthusiasts that can not be blamed for that after all. It’s not just me – some other bloggers also found these buns way too eccentric and sweet and barely touched them. Such a pity.


On the whole, If you’re looking for a perfect American barbecue spot, no doubts that you all should haul your asses to The Joint, these guys make miracles with pulled pork, wings and ribs. But health-wise, this is barely accepted into existence ahah. But who cares about that in the face of burgers and mac’n’cheese (am I the only one not bothered?..).

The Joint, 87 Brixton Village Market, Brixton, SW9 8PS
Tube: Brixton
Instagram: @thejointldn

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