Boys’n’Berry – another healthy spot in London

Isn’t it just wonderful that we live in a City of endless opportunities? Literally, London IS the capital of my World. Have you ever thought of London like this? Maybe those who were born in Lo or have already spent much time living here stop noticing its perfection at some point of time.

When I moved here to study 2 years ago I couldn’t even imagine what kind of place it actually is. I had some vague memories from visiting this city in my childhood – was not impressed, rather stressed out. But as the time’s been passing by, picture of London has slowly but surely been changing in my head. It literally turned upside down. London inspired me to start taking pictures of food and all things around me – it is just impossible to resist when all beauty and perfection jumps at you from every freaking corner of this city. London inspired me to speak up and to open my Youtube Channel. London has just become the turning point of so many things in my life so far – and I’m grateful. I am grateful to the city where everything is possible.


Guys, I just hope you are not too sensitive and my “cheap drama kind of” intro didn’t make you cry a river haha. I was actually intending to get you all acquainted with a nice healthy eating spot that struck a chord in my heart.

Boys’n’Berry has been on my to-go list for quite a long time so far. I just jumped into Uber one day and typed B’n’B’s address in without any hesitation. It took me like 20 mins to get there from Victoria station but in the end I found myself in a nice cozy place – only a few people were in, so the atmosphere was quiet and peaceful (even though it was lunchtime!). Not being a fan of fully-packed places, I felt truly relieved.

The first thing I ordered was Almond milk cappuccino. This is the only drink I can use in abnormal amounts.. provided it’s good. And boy, it waaaaas good! I shared my thoughts about their coffee in my recent vlog – take a look here. I’m sure you are interested in a video review of the place 😉


Food highlights now. I won’t hide that I’m a picky eater, thus be sure I’ll inevitably ask you to apply a few alterations to the original dish. Starting with putting sauces on side (so that I can garnish myself. or never use them at all – that happens more frequently hah) and getting straight to mixing parts of different dishes listed on the menu. Like, proteins from here, sides from here, and a sauce – can we do without it? And can you add some veggies? Oh is it too complicated for you? I’m a disaster, I know. So Spicy Chicken at Boys’n’Berry was not an exception. Lucky for them, I only wanted to apply some minor changes – just asked to substitute black rice with steamed broccoli and spinach (no way it can be buttered as I’m lactose-intolerant). And no one was objecting. I am always pleased when people try to provide the best service. Some waiter-warriors though defend chefs dignity and reject any requests of alterations to be applied to their precious dishes.


My friend Anastasia and a fellow blogger Jerlyn were less specific in their preferences. These girls generally eat everything and are not very health-conscious, to be completely honest (sorry, haha) 😉 Jerlyn ended up stuffing her mouth with delicious king prawn spaghetti and found it absolutely gorgeous. She concluded that chef was successful at maintaining the perfect balance of spicy and sour taste of this dish. Well done, guys!



Apart from the mains, the venue offers a selection of salads. The base is pretty simple Green salad, but they offer a good selection of various add-ons so that you can pimp your salad any way you like. Think of free-range chicken / salmon / prawns for £4 extra or halloumi / feta for £3. What we didn’t quite expect was barley topping the dish. My unhealthy girlfriends called it a “horrible porridge” and barely touched it (so silly of them, they’d better transferred it straight into my mouth haha). But we added salmon extra add-on and were quite satisfied in the end. I would definitely go for a salad next time I’m around Boys’n’Berry.


Useful tip: the restaurant can boast a large breakfast menu which is on every day till 12 pm, so If you’re thinking about your next brekkie or brunch destination, this place was made for you! I’m tempted myself and I already added it to my agenda 🙂

The only thing that makes me feel sad is that it’s rather far away from my area. But we all know, too much of a good thing.. 🙂

839 Fulham Road,
London SW6 5HQ
Sun & Mon; 8am – 6pm | Tues – Sat; 8am – 11pm


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