Geales, Notting Hill

I finally realized that I need to put my foot down and find a place to store my beautiful pictures of food. You know, its quite not fair in relation to other snapshots – you are just choosing one (2 MAXIMUM) for your Instagram, and then all these beautiful pictures retire in your “planned, but never posted” folder (am I the only one person who created this foodphoto cemetery?). What a shame! No one should treat beautiful pics like that! It’s time to start posting about the places I visit.

So this weekend’s been hard on Londoners – the sun was about to melt people completely. Literally, the air was boiling outside, and that disgusting feeling of sultriness was felt by everyone around. No normal person would ever think of walking for a long time in the direct sunlight, not to mention sitting anywhere. It’s like committing a suicide without even realizing it. But my squad found the way out of this situation – we headed to a nice seafood spot in the very center of Notting Hill at 12 pm, when we could still function properly. We took a big table outside covered by a canopy.

People started arriving (everyone was a bit late, but I live nearby so I showed up just in time and was the first one to come – I mean it, the venue was deserted). I was lucky enough to choose the seat facing the street with a bit of space at the back so that I could have a perfect overview of the table and was barely touched by any single random light of sun (thank God). Slowly but surely the feast began.

I couldn’t think of anything else but the seafood platter. Geales is renowned for its state-of-the-art fish’n’chips – you can opt out for any of 6 white fish to be cooked, but I never go for anything battered or deep-fried (healthy blogger, all that stuff). It took me like 20 minutes to finally make my mind – I went for oysters. Frankly speaking, I expected nothing as oysters in other places didn’t impress me much. The staff started with complimentary shots of Bloody Maries and solitary oysters with a lemon slice. I was still skeptical. But boy, was it a mighty platter of divinely tasting goodness! These oysters are really worth trying!



Apart from delicious oysters, we basically shared all the starters ever existed on their menu – tempura soft-shell crabs and prawns, some small fishes, battered and deep-fried as well, fish pie (a good one!), smoked salmon, mussels in cream and wine. All that stuff.








People were drinking rose after rose, aperol spritz was endless.. Desserts showed up as well, but I don’t have a huge thing on them, so I wasn’t even bothered by taking pictures. There are some random snapshots of us though.

Overall, my impression of Geales in Notting Hill is more than positive. Next time you decide to visit this picturesque part of our all-loved London, don’t throw yourself onto Portobello market only – pay these guys a visit. Totally worth going.

Geales Notting Hill

2 Farmer St, Kensington, London W8 7SN


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  1. You take great photos!


    1. vitaliyan says:

      Thank you dear! I’m so pleased to hear that ❤️🤤

      Liked by 1 person

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