Spirulina Chia Pudding with Chocolate Yogurt and Strawberry

Hello, squad! I am very sorry that I haven’t been posting anything for years and decades.

Honestly, it seems to me that Instagram has taken over this world (over me personally YES). Every single blogger has an Instagram account (If you don’t, resolve this issue straightaway, silly you!). Even though I started as a normal blogger, micro format sparks my interest way more than conventional long posts with lots of pictures.

Truth is tho that sometimes you need your content to be categorized and systematized. Easy access to older posts as the time passes by is one of the requirements as well (special thanks to Instagods who introduced bookmarks – now I don’t need to make screenshots. I never used them afterwards tho! Not a single one!!!).  Unfortunately, Instagram is just a thread going into the eternity. BUT! No one promised it is gonna be a foodblogger tool, ha. It was always meant to be like it is now, so I’m not moaning in here! I have a normal blog, c’mon! I can and SHOULD use it for my recipes 😀

Done with this word salad.

I came back to share a delicious thing I had for breakfast yesterday! A couple of days ago when I was drooling over all these Waitrose gastronomic enigmas I unintentionally bumped into spirulina. And I thought “Wait.. Isn’t it that superfood thingie that gives your food amazing emerald green color?”

So I regret nothing – yes, a whole pack of spirulina has found its place in my food cupboard. Have no idea what to do with the rest of this pack – maybe you have any interesting recipes to share with me? As LEGIT I have no clue. The taste of spirulina got me like ehhhh… So I’m not a fan. Is there any possibility to mask it in a dish?

Spirulina chia pudding


  • 30 g chia
  • 160 ml cashew milk
  • 10 g spirulina powder
  • 1/3 tsp stevia +30 g plain soya yogurt Alpro
  • 25 g Optimum Nutrition hydrowhey, choc flavor
  • 200 g plain soya Alpro yogurt
  • 100 g strawberries
  1. Make chia pudding – mix everything from the first list together, stir well and leave in the fridge covered for a couple of hours/overnight. After give it a good stir one more time.
  2. Mix yogurt with protein or cacao/carob. Cut the strawberries.
  3. Layer your pudding and serve immediately!

Cal: 424, P: 40, C: 20, F: 17



  • 30 г семян чиа
  • 160 мл молока (я брала кешью, ещё подходят кокосовое и соевое хорошо)
  • 10 г порошка спирулины
  • 1/3 ч.л. стевии
  • 30 г соевого йогурта Альпро (опционально)
  • 25 г гидролизата от Optimum Nutrition со вкусом шоколада (можно просто какао добавить)
  • 200 г соевого йогурта Альпро (замените на обычный, пересчитайте КБЖУ – йогурт 100/8/4,6/4,2)
  • 100 г клубники
  1. Смешайте все первые ингредиенты для чиа пудинга, хорошенько перемешайтесь и оставьте на пару часов/ночь. Затем снова хорошо перемешайте.
  2. В Йогурт добавьте гидролизат/изолят/комплексный протеин или какао/кэроб. Важен шоколадный вкус. Клубнику нарежьте на мелкие кусочки.
  3. Выложите слоями сначала пудинг, потом немного клубники, потом йогурт. Украсьте сверху оставшейся клубникой

КБЖУ: 424/40/17/20


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