Sea Containers, London

Being back is always so good.. But I finally came “home” from winter break – that is hilarious but I don’t even know what place I can literally call my home now. I got so used to Little Lo as I’ve been spending quite a lot time in this city for the last 2 years.

At first I was lost – like, totally (but who wouldn’t be?). Imagine having practically no friends (thank God a few girls from my hometown were doing their degrees in London as well) and no idea what to do and where to go?.. As the time passed, I assimilated, got acquainted with new folks, became a London-wide globetrotter and found a lot of places I love with all my heart.

That passage was kinda nostalgic.. Well, actually I wanted to tell you about another perfect Sunday brunch destination, but unexpectedly got carried away by the good memories!

So let’s talk about Sea Containers at Mondrian Hotel, South Bank.

Smashed Avocado on Charred Toast, £9

Okay, time for a backstory. My first visit to this place was accidental – there were 3 of us, the weather was hot, we were hungry as hell and were just heading to OXO Restaurant, Bar and Brasserie. Unfortunately, I had no time or intention to book a table in advance (and I am blocked at OpenTable ahaha but that is a different story). Little did I know that the place was already crawling with people and there was no way we would fit in by any chance. So I opened Google Maps and started desperately scrolling down “your places” (I usually give venues I’m planning to visit a star in Google Maps). It only took me a minute to spot Sea Containers just around the corner. Without any hesitation we marched there and, Oh Lord, we got seated. In a nutshell – the food was great, I enjoyed crab on toast and a decent Aperol Spritz.

Heirloom Tomato Salad, £6

This time I was smart enough to book everything in advance. Life lessons, duh. I have to say, though, that I was originally planning to visit new venue called Timmy Green – absolutely on point at the moment, every single healthy foodie is talking about Timmy Green right now. But, not surprisingly, it was packed for Sunday. And I started thinking and googling. I bumped into Harper’s Bazaar Top London Brunches article, and one of the places featured was Sea Containers. And it got me like wait a minute.. this sounds familiar. Sea Containers! Do they have good brunches? The menu looked quite appetizing last time.. Booked!

“Sea Containers, the restaurant at the base of the Mondrian Hotel, offers a charming way to wake up properly into the weekend: beautiful views, and fresh, healthy food…”

The place lays on a fairly traditional offering, with both British and New York influences evident”

“If you’re drinking (congratulations, you’re human), bottomless Prosecco at £16 is likely your best bet. Alternatively, embrace the healthiness here: the restaurant have teamed up with Press to serve cold pressed juices.”

Evening Standard, 2016 

The place is rather decent and absolutely worth going. I loved their cocktail menu even though I didn’t give it a try (still regretting this). My friend Yana was having Mondrian’s Royale (you can see it in the picture below) and Clean Beet (detox-ish drink). I couldn’t ignore Avo Toast on the menu (it’s never enough avo and sourdough bread for me! I can’t think of any other dish when I see it on the list).

Mondrian’s Royale, £14

The verdict: Food itself was good, but I swear to God I make better avo toasts. This one was a bit plain, the eggs were soft-boiled, not poached. Nevertheless, I liked the crispiness of the sourdough toast and tangy chili pieces hidden in between the eggs. Heirloom Tomato Salad was fantastic, but it is just impossible to spoil fresh vegs.

Service was incredible, waiters were really nice and very attentive to every single detail (I asked them to bring salad sauce in a separate saucer. I don’t know why that should be kind of a big deal for people, but in 2 previous places waiters just ignored my request).

Oh and the Vibe. The atmosphere was great – we got seated nearby the window (which is always the best option a foodie with a camera 24/7 in his bag) and had the time of our lives with the views on the river Thames and city lights.



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