Vegfest 2016, London

It seems to me that I’m more and more involved into this vegan and healthy eating movement. I don’t even know what attracts me so much – I can hardly say that the reason lies within its ethical issues, as I’m not very much touched by that (don’t get me wrong – I am surely against any kind of animal abuse and stuff, but I won’t participate in any movements on purpose).

One of the major reasons may be my so-called intolerance with lactose – strange thing it is! Let me explain what perplexes me: I’m not drinking milk but I feel fine eating cheese. How come?! I was always kinda puzzled by that fact but eventually got used to it and stopped paying much attention. And only recently have I finally got the clue what’s going on with that stuff: cheeses (especially aged ones like Parmesan or Cheddar, which I love most of all) have less lactose than young cheeses and milk, obviously. Now listen people: lactose turns out to be milk sugar, and bacteria that are used to make cheese literally feast on these sugars. Aged cheese has more bacteria – thus, it has less lactose left in the end compared to other types of cheese. Makes sense! I finally got it.

Apart from my milk stories I want to share another thingy with you today. This Saturday a marvelous event took place in London. And that was  *drum roll* VegFestUK 2016! When I found out that this event is on in the area,  I bought a ticket straightaway. Coz I just couldn’t miss it.  I won’t go into much details, I just want to say that the scale was huge – so many people of the same views and interests in one place ❤ Damn cool!

I was actually taking pictures and gonna show you the selection to have a sneak peek at the event.



















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